Did Moses exist? Did the Exodus happen as it is recorded on the pages of the Old Testament?

Recently I [Ted] recorded a debate/dialogue with skeptic and mythicist, Dr. Robert Price on the Unbelievable? podcast hosted by Justin Brierley.

In our discussion Bob offered up little or no hard evidence to support his skeptical view of Moses & the Exodus. He mostly appealed to the problematic Documentary Hypothesis as well as the radically skeptical view of the Copenhagen School of Biblical Interpretation, which contains self-referential absurdities. For an overview of how philosophy affects archaeology as well as a general critique of the Copenhagen School (also known as Biblical Minimalism), see our article here.

Because of the limited nature of time and the format, we could only offer an introduction to the sweeping and extensive topic of Moses & the Exodus. Epic Archaeology is unapologetically dedicated to upholding the historical reliability of the Bible with truth and grace. In future posts, we will offer additional evidence of Moses and the Exodus as new evidence comes to light.

You can listen to the entire debate here at the Unbelievable Podcast